to Revive Supersonic Aviation


For the past 50 years, our long-haul flight times have remained the same. We at Exosonic do not believe these flight times will remain the same much longer.


Therefore, we're inventing a faster future.

We are developing a quiet, Mach 1.8 70-seater supersonic passenger aircraft that can fly supersonically overland and overwater with a muted sonic boom.


We market this aircraft to airlines so they can cut long-haul flight times in half at prices comparable to today’s business class tickets for their time-sensitive business travelers.


Only with the capability to fly anywhere around the world do we believe supersonic transport will become a mainstay of commercial aviation.

With over 60 years of supersonic aircraft
concept to flight test experience
YF - 17, YF-22, YF-23 Black Widow II, F-35, X-59, F-20 Tigershark, B-1B
Supersonic Aircraft Experience

Norris Tie


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Norris is a recent Stanford MBA graduate (Class of 2019) and aerospace engineer from UCLA (BS Class of 2014), In between his BS and MBA, he spent three years working in aerospace as a propulsion engineer, all on vehicles that fly faster than the speed of sound. He’s been passionate about faster commercial flight since a young age and has dedicated his career to making it happen. He has the academic and industry background to bring supersonic transport to life.  

Tim MacDonald


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Tim is completing his PhD at Stanford in the Aerospace Design Lab. He is a core developer of the open-source conceptual aircraft design tool SUAVE, which has been utilized in a number of academic and industry projects worldwide. He is also passionate about bringing forth new, unconventional aircraft designs into the commercial market. Prior to his PhD program, he interned at Boeing working on commercial aircraft and obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech (Class of 2013).

Bob Sandusky

Chief Engineer

Bob Sandusky brings 30+ years of supersonic aircraft design and test experience, having led aircraft programs from clean sheet concepts to flight test. He is the first-named inventor on two Mach 2 supersonic fighter prototypes: the YF-23 Black Widow II / Grey Ghost and the F-20 Tigershark . Bob is truly a rare talent in the aviation industry and he leads our supersonic aircraft programs as the company's chief engineer.

Dave Boyer

Chief Configurator

Dave Boyer brings 30+ years of design experience, ranging from subsonic to hypersonic aircraft in the areas of configuration and structural layout. He has held senior roles on several aircraft programs: YF-23, Hyper-X, B-1B, and X-37B. Dave is a master aircraft designer who brings our aircraft concepts to life as the company's chief configurator. 



Image by Sebastián León Prado
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