to Revive Supersonic Aviation


Muting the Sonic Boom to Revive Supersonic Aviation

For the past fifty years, our long-haul flight times have remained the same. We at Exosonic do not believe these flight times will remain the same in the next fifty years. Therefore, we're inventing a faster future. We are building a quiet, Mach 1.8 60-seater supersonic passenger aircraft that can fly supersonically overland and overwater with a muted sonic boom. We sell this aircraft to airlines so they can cut long-haul flight times in half at prices comparable to today’s business class tickets for their time-sensitive business travelers. Only with the capability to fly anywhere around the world do we believe supersonic transport will become a mainstay of commercial aviation.




Norris Tie

Norris is a recent Stanford MBA graduate (Class of 2019) and aerospace engineer from UCLA (BS Class of 2014), In between his BS and MBA, he spent three years working in aerospace as a propulsion engineer, all on vehicles that fly faster than the speed of sound. He’s been passionate about faster commercial flight since he was little and is dedicated to solving the problem. He has the academic and industry background, grit, and passion to build this company.  

Tim MacDonald

Tim is completing his PhD in aircraft design at Stanford Prof. Alonso’s Aerospace Design Lab. He is a core developer of the open-source conceptual aircraft design tool SUAVE, which originated in the lab and is used as the foundation of our aircraft design process. He is also passionate about bringing forth new, unconventional aircraft designs into the commercial market. Prior to his PhD program, he interned at Boeing working on commercial aircraft and obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech (Class of 2013). Tim too has the right background, grit, and passion to build this company.

Our Team

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