Exosonic to showcase its Low Boom Supersonic Airliner in the Innovative World category

Los Angeles, CA — March 4, 2021 — Low boom supersonic transport company Exosonic was selected as an alternate in the Innovative World category for the 11th annual SXSW Pitch®.

SXSW Pitch is the marquee event of South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Online (March 16-20, 2021), where leading startups from around the world showcase some of the most impressive technology innovations to a panel of hand-picked judges and a virtual audience. Out of the more than 500 companies that applied to present at SXSW Pitch 2021, Exosonic was selected among the 16 alternates spanning 8 separate categories.

2021 Categories include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice, Enterprise & Smart Data, Entertainment, Gaming & Content, Future of Work, Health, Wearables & Wellbeing, Innovative World Technologies, Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics, Social & Culture.

The two-day event will be presented on Wednesday, March 17th and Thursday, March 18th during SXSW Online. The winners for each category will be announced during the SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony on Thursday, March 18th at 3:05 pm.

Exosonic will present among four other companies in the Innovative World category on March 17, 2021.

“Exosonic is excited to share its vision of enabling supersonic flight everywhere through Exosonic’s muted sonic boom approach. By quieting the boom, we can fly supersonic overwater and overland, pending regulations. However, Exosonic is also taking an innovative product roadmap strategy to build the company in incremental steps. With a strong team and customer traction, Exosonic is excited to usher in a faster future. Come watch our 1-min pitch that concisely encapsulates our company.” – Norris Tie, CEO and Co-founder of Exosonic, Inc.

“SXSW Pitch is having an incredible year in the recruiting, and showcasing of, the best and the brightest startups from around the globe. Despite the global pandemics, the startup community has responded positively to our call for participation, and with this SXSW is able to feature an incredible class of startups that we believe will change the landscape of the technology world”, said SXSW Pitch Event Producer Chris Valentine.

For more information about Exosonic, visit www.exosonic.com.

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About Exosonic:

Exosonic is an aerospace company developing a Mach 1.8 low boom supersonic airliner to advance aviation for passengers worldwide. Designed with a muted sonic boom, passengers will be able to fly supersonic everywhere - overland and overwater to reach their destinations twice as fast as commercial flights available today. The company was founded with a vision to bring people together through faster travel and with a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Exosonic is setting the standard for faster flight with a low boom 5000 nmi range, 70 passenger supersonic airliner. As part of the supersonic airliner development, Exosonic is offering a supersonic UAV as a nearer term technology solution, which will dually act as a technology demonstrator. This UAV represents a step in Exosonic’s incremental approach to changing the way people travel.



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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Artist concept of Exosonic’s low boom supersonic airliner converted into an executive transport aircraft. Note: the above image does not represent Exosonic’s current configuration for proprietary concerns. Los Angeles, California – Exosonic, a low-boom supersonic aircraft manufacturer, has partnered with the U.S. Air Force's Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate (PE) to develop a supersonic executive transport. Exosonic’s aircraft can provide top US leaders and diplomats rapid transportation around the world to meet with world leaders or react to developing situations on the ground. By utilizing Exosonic's boom softening techniques, the passengers can travel overland and overwater at supersonic speeds, pending regulations, to roughly reduce their cruise times in half compared to existing aircraft. In response to Exosonic’s award, Brig. Gen. Britton, Program Executive Officer of PE stated, “The Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate is extremely excited to team with Exosonic on our quest to transform the future of executive airlift. As always, we are proud to be leading the charge to deliver cutting-edge technology to the world. Transporting key decision makers and teams around the world in half the time can be the difference between success and failure. Exosonic is a key player in getting us there. By teaming with industry, we are proving the United States Air Force can deliver technology leaps while maximizing return on taxpayer investment.” PE’s contract, sponsored by the Air Force Research Lab, will support Exosonic’s efforts to develop and modify the company’s commercial supersonic airliner to serve as an executive transport vehicle. These modifications will include reconfiguring the aircraft cabin to include the required accommodations, communications equipment, and security measures that allow US leaders and their guests to work and rest onboard the aircraft. “The future for global rapid passenger travel is low-boom supersonic flight. Low boom allows travelers to fly at supersonic speeds without generating disruptive booms for those on the ground,” said Norris Tie, CEO of Exosonic. “Exosonic is excited to win this contract as it represents not only commercial but government promise for low-boom supersonic travel.” In partnership with the U.S. Air Force, Exosonic will continue to develop technology that will not only advance the critical missions of our nation but also enhance our commercial abilities to bring quiet supersonic travel to all. About Exosonic Exosonic is an early-stage company developing a Mach 1.8, 5000 nmi range, 70 passenger supersonic airliner to fly overland with a muted boom. Exosonic believes that low-boom supersonic flight will be the next inflection point in commercial aviation, allowing people to fly around the world in roughly half the time. Approved for public release. Case Number AFLCMC-2020-0177

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