Working together to engineer supersonic travel 

At Exosonic we have a combined 200+ years in the aerospace industry focusing on high performance supersonic jets. Our team is dedicated to using these skills to bring the world closer together.

YF-17, YF-22, YF-23, F/A-18 E/F, F-35, X-59, F-20, B-1B, F-5 E/F
Supersonic Aircraft Experience

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Meet the Team


Norris Tie

Chief Executive Officer

Norris has spent three years working in aerospace as a propulsion engineer, all on vehicles that fly faster than the speed of sound. He’s been passionate about faster commercial flight since a young age and has dedicated his career to making it happen. He has the academic and industry background to bring supersonic transport to life.  

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Bob Sandusky

Chief Engineer

Bob brings 30+ years of supersonic aircraft design and test experience, having led aircraft programs from clean sheet concepts to flight test. He is the first-named inventor on two Mach 2 supersonic fighter prototypes: the YF-23 Black Widow II / Grey Ghost and the F-20 Tigershark . Bob is truly a rare talent in the aviation industry and he leads our supersonic aircraft programs as the company's chief engineer.

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Dave Boyer

Chief Configurator

Dave brings 30+ years of design experience, ranging from subsonic to hypersonic aircraft in the areas of configuration and structural layout. He has held senior roles on several aircraft programs: YF-23, Hyper-X, B-1B, and Ranger 2000. Dave is a master aircraft designer who brings our aircraft concepts to life as the company's chief configurator. 


Tim MacDonald

Chief Technology Officer

Tim received his PhD from Stanford in the Aerospace Design Lab. He was a core developer of the open-source conceptual aircraft design tool SUAVE, which has been utilized in a number of academic and industry projects worldwide. He is also passionate about bringing forth new, unconventional aircraft designs into the commercial market. 


John Morgenstern

Head of Aerodynamics and Boom

John brings 30+ years of experience in the development of supersonic aircraft focusing on design and methods to reduce the sonic boom. He was the shaped sonic boom lead on X-59 and held key roles in the N+2/N+3 supersonic studies, DARPA's QSP, and much more. He has now come to Exosonic to lead our shaped boom development and bring low-boom technology to the commercial market. 

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Ed Lawson

Head of Propulsion

Ed has 35+ years of experience working propulsion integration, cycle analysis, and engine technology development for civil and military applications. He’s held various propulsion roles on several programs including F-5E/F Tiger II, F-20, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, B-1B, DARPA QSP, NASA’s N+2/3 SS studies & Low Boom Concepts, JAST/JSF, and several DoD engine technology & advanced vehicle studies. At Aerion, Ed was the propulsion Tech Fellow on AS2 & AS3 concept development programs. Ed has joined the team to lead the propulsion integration and engine cycle efforts on Exosonic's concepts.


Robert Tryner

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Head of Systems Engineering

Robert recently joined the team to lead avionics system architecture design. Before joining Exosonic, he supported USAF High-Capacity Backbone Advanced Networking technology as the Lead Systems Engineer at Cubic Defense Applications. Robert’s prior programs include Predator MQ-1, Reaper MQ-9, and Gray Eagle MQ-1C.


Sean Donovan


Head of Guidance, Navigation, and Controls

Sean is a University of Florida Engineering graduate with over 15 years of GNC experience in the defense industry.  His diverse experience includes Ground System Servo Stabilization, Exoskeleton technologies, Airborne Line-of-Sight Stabilization, Aircraft Flight Controls, and Aircraft Navigation.  Sean has joined the Exosonic team to lead the Guidance, Navigation, and Control efforts.


Avi Soval

Aerodynamics Engineer

Avi studied Aerospace Engineering and Physics at the University of Washington, with a focus on the design of modern supersonic jet airliners. He brings experience in aerodynamic analysis and wind tunnel testing. He also helps to develop our relationships with public research institutions.


Juan Solorzano

Configuration Design Engineer

Juan is a graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He brings 7+ years of experience in creating 3D mechanical details of VIP Aircraft Interiors and developing new interior products. He also brings experience designing upgrades and repairs for in-service aircraft.

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Cory Hodgkins

Scot Morrison


Landing Gear and Subsystem Design Engineer

Scot has 18+ years of experience in aerospace mechanical systems on fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, and rockets. Working in multiple roles over his career he has designed and managed development of door mechanisms, hydraulic systems, landing gear, and flight controls. The vehicles he has worked on include the clean sheet design G500/G600 and New Glenn Orbital Rocket.


Propulsion Integration Engineer

Cory has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota.  Over his 15+ year career he has worked on various projects, including the 787 Dreamliner and the Adam Aircraft A700. Cory was in Research and Development at Abengoa Solar, where he worked on high temperature solar thermal concepts.  Most recently, he was a propulsion engineer on the XB-1 and Overture at Boom Supersonic.


Aaron Blaufox

Performance Engineer

Aaron graduated from Stanford University with a master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics.  He brings experience in software development for aerospace applications and helps us quickly evaluate the performance of our designs.